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A Letter From Our Founder

Marketing is what makes your business run. Clients coming through the door–it’s the only way to succeed. 

I first started my own business in 2012 when I launched my own law firm. I knew then that I would need to market well, and better than my competition. I had built freelance websites to pay some of my expenses through law school, and had even worked for an SEO agency in the past. So, I got to work implementing strategies I had seen work time and time again for some of my web clients in the past.

In the years since we built that law firm to more than 600+ legal informational articles, and millions of visits to our website. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the economy in 2020, it also hit our web traffic. But, interestingly, we noticed that while our overall traffic took a hit, our local-focused articles continued to perform well and that the ROI for that content has continued to improve.

By implementing best-practices in the areas of content marketing, reviews, listings, design, schema, and more, we realized we had COVID-proofed our business. As we spoke to clients we recognized there was demand for us to supplement our business-related legal services with our technical and online marketing expertise.

And so, Cloudvine was born in late 2020. Since then, we’ve already begun to distinguish our niche of providing online website design, technical, and marketing services to other professionals, established businesses, and even enterprise-level corporate clientele.

If that sounds like you, we would be happy to discuss what services Cloudvine can provide to you. 

We look forward to helping you and seeing your business succeed online!

Jacob Tingen, CEO

Experienced Digital Marketing Professionals

Meet the Team

Marketing Experience and Business Success

Who We Are

We founded Cloudvine as a way of addressing the pain points we often faced in our own digital marketing strategies. With a team composed of attorneys and digital marketing professionals, we’re well-positioned to help other professional businesses meet their marketing goals in a concise and coordinated manner.

Our Mission

Our company's mission is to provide curated and data-driven digital marketing solutions to growing professional businesses, and to help enterprise clients do the same for their own customers.

Our Values

We believe in implementing easy-to-use, proven, long-term, data driven marketing tools and strategies. Steady, holistic content creation and strategy performs better over time than one-off viral campaigns.

Our Motivation

Watching individuals and businesses succeed and grow, because we helped new customers come through their doors, gives us the motivation to come in to the office everyday.